Internet & Network Services

Internet of Things (IoT) Voice and Collaboration

Internet of Things (IoT) Voice and Collaboration


The most complete business class internet experience

Our Managed Internet Service  provides high speed, dedicated internet access with industry-leading service level agreements and around-the-clock technical support.

Power up with fast, reliable internet services

Omnipoint Internet Access provides super-fast internet access using multiple broadband access technologies. With the features your customers need to stay connected.


  • Access speeds from T1 - 10Gbps*
  • Ethernet and private line
  • Equipment options: Omnipoint provided and managed equipment (router, modem) or customer provided
  • Prioritization of traffic
  • Suite of APIs to optimize quoting and ordering

*  Some speeds may not be available in all areas. 100G available on an individual case basis.


  • Dedicated connection to the internet
  • Equal upload and download speeds
  • Reliability backed by industry-leading service level agreements
  • 24x7 technical support, proactive monitoring and maintenance options
  • Available virtually anywhere in the U.S. and Puerto Rico

Internet of Things (IoT) Voice and Collaboration

Internet of Things (IoT) Voice and Collaboration

Internet of Things (IoT) Voice and Collaboration


Connect and simplify. That's smart. That's IoT.

Omnipoint can help enable your IoT solutions and transform the customer experience. Whether you wish to utilize turnkey solutions or to design your own offer, we have the options to support your IoT success

Point of Sale

Utilize point-of-sale applications ideal for retail locations.

Connected Car

Help your mobile workforce get more done.

Digital Signage

Gain managed interactive digital marketing solutions.

Omnipoint offers a SIP trunking service that delivers integrated access for IP PBX, TDM PBX or Key System environments, providing potential total cost benefits through the consolidation of voice and data - one provider, single transport and management options.


  • Flexible Calling Plans
  • Branch Office Extensions
  • Class of service enables voice prioritization
  • Virtual Telephone Numbers
  • Web-based portal
  • Service Level Agreements


  • Combine voice and data over integrated access
  • Utilize your current equipment
  • Simplify network management
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Maintain call quality
  • Avoid toll charges with on-net calling


Internet of Things (IoT) Voice and Collaboration

Wireless & Mobility


Create a highly secure network

OMNIPOINT  VPN is a network-based Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) service that uses Internet Protocol (IP) to deliver the attributes of a private network within the confines of a shared networking infrastructure.

Omnipoint  VPN allows you to build an application-aware VPN to link your locations and efficiently transport voice, data, and video over a single connection.

Stay connected and productive on the go

Extend the reach of your corporate VPN and provide highly secure access to critical business applications, regardless of location, access type or device.


  • Diversity (POP and access)
  • Unilink
  • Multicast
  • Bi-directional Forwarding Detection
  • MD5 Authentication Protocol
  • Route Groups
  • Large Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU)
  • Multi-port (Internet VLAN)


  • Application awareness
  • Scalability, flexible any-to-any connectivity
  • Meshed network with Class of Service
  • Built-in Disaster recovery
  • Easy access to reporting/tools
  • Industry-leading SLAs

Wireless & Mobility

Switched and Dedicated Ethernet

Wireless & Mobility


Stay connected with WWAN

Wireless WAN connectivity can help businesses stay connected, reduce installation intervals and enable data transmission and transaction processing from almost anywhere the business takes you.

Mobility has the power to transform your business

Omnipoint's broad portfolio of mobility solutions can help ensure your employees, partners, customers, processes and assets are securely connected and can be optimized on the go.

Here’s why the Omnipoint network can help you to power your  wireless needs: 

• The best global coverage of any U.S. provider

• The nation’s largest network 

• The nation’s best data network 

• Voice and data network that covers more than 99% of Americans

• Calling and texting to over 225 countries and territories 

• Network with the fewest dropped call 

• 400+ million people covered by AT&T 4G LTE in North America 

• Portfolio of smartphones and mobile phones that’s among the best in the industry 

• More smartphone choices than any other U.S. carrier

Switched and Dedicated Ethernet

Switched and Dedicated Ethernet

Switched and Dedicated Ethernet


Point-to-point Ethernet connectivity made easy

A private, high speed (up to 100Gb), fiber optic connection for mission critical data transport with minimal upfront investment, low latency, and high reliability is AT&T Dedicated Ethernet (ADE) for IntraLATA and Omnipoint Ethernet Private Line Service - Wide Area Network (EPLS-WAN) for InterLATA.


  • Diversity options - Port, Inter-wire Center (IWC) and Alternate Wire Center (AWC) diversity
  • Single Ethernet transport network to consolidate your voice, video, and data applications
  • Delivered over an Dense Wave Division Multiplexed (DWDM) / Reconfigurable Optical Add-Drop Multiplexer (ROADM) network
  • Speeds of up to 100 Gbps in both directions
  • High performance, reliable data transmission that reduces switching or routing
  • Fiber-Optic Technology and End-to-End Network Monitoring


  • Performance – A private, high-speed, fiber-optic connection
  • Agility – Flexible connectivity and redundancy options
  • Control – Service Level Agreements and 24 x 7 “edge-to-edge” monitoring
  • Security – Network security 

Field Solutions

Switched and Dedicated Ethernet

Switched and Dedicated Ethernet


Achieve greater efficiency with field solutions

Augment the productivity and agility of your mobile workforce. Field Solutions provide near instant communication and management tools that can help you streamline operations, keep track of resources and quickly address customer needs.


  • Fleet management
  • Asset management
  • Electronic driver logging
  • Customizable digital forms
  • Push-to-Talk


  • Track fleets, optimize routing & save fuel
  • Visibility of high-value assets from your smartphone
  • Increased driver safety & compliance
  • Increase productivity with real-time data
  • One-touch communication

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